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T H E   G O L D E N   A R I E S
Sabrina Cassis, the powerhouse behind Montreal’s favourite lingerie store, Alice Kass, is one seriously boss babe.  Not only is her personal style enviable, but she totally supports the self-love movement and other initiatives that encourage women.
Sabrina, alongside the talented photographer Veronique Sepasi, spent the day in Saint-Henri with some of her favourite accessories: the Nova & the Powerplay.

O N   T H E   I N S P I R A T I O N   B E H I N D   A L I C E   K A S S 

Alice Kass was started out of a need for a different type of lingerie. My friends and I and all the women I encountered couldn’t identify with the overly photoshopped and ‘perfect’ Victoria’s Secret models and were struggling to find lingerie that wasn’t just about pleasing a man, something that accented our natural shapes without all the padding and pushups that suggested our breasts weren’t big enough or the right shape as is. We wanted underwear that reflected our lifestyle, pieces that were stylish as well as comfortable. I remember the first time I put on a set I really liked. I was a bit of a tomboy, sort of shy about my femininity and sexuality growing up so putting on that first lingerie set was that aha moment when I was like holy shit I can be a hot girl and still feel like myself. It elevates you and gives you that little boost of confidence, the way actors rehearse in costume to help them really get into character. I believe every woman should feel that way about herself. I hope that every woman can celebrate herself and feel sexy, confident and proud of her body and able to embrace her sensuality and sexuality.

O N   H E R   P I C K S  :   T H E   N O V A   B R A   &   T H E   P O W E R P L A Y   M I N I

I picked the Nova bra because it is the most stunning, provocative, and popular piece we have on Alice Kass and one of my personal favourites. The construction is beautiful and unique, it is literally a bra that frames your breast like a work of art!!! If you want to take your own breath away (or someone else's), pair it with the matching thong and suspender belt... it's stunning!!!  But the beauty of this bra is that you can also wear it as part of an outfit. It looks amazing peeking out from under a low cut tank or dress or you can totally show it off under a sheer black top. It's a statement piece and definitely turns heads!!

As for the Powerplay convertible bag, the name says it all. I love being able to play around with pieces and wear them in different ways. This bag can be worn as a chic purse for nights out or turned into a casual cute backpack for day time. Obsessed with the versatility especially when I'm super busy and don't have time to run home to change my bag for different occasions. 

O N   S A B R I N A ’ S   P E R S O N A L   S T Y L E  

I’m obsessed with the balancing of masculine and feminine. Even the way I wear/style lingerie, paired with combat boots, leather and messy hair.

I definitely have a uniform for my day to day which consists of a sheer top showing off my bra of the moment, high waisted black skinny jeans (or shorts in the summer), cowboy boots/bootie heels/sneakers and a leather jacket. I never take off my gold Aries medallion my grandmother gave me. It reminds me of her, of who I am (a hard-headed ram) and my roots (she got it in Egypt, where she is from). I’m also obsessed with vintage fur coats which make me hate winter a little bit less.



Being able to collaborate with amazing women artists, entrepreneurs and creatives in the city, and express my vision and put something positive out into the world that hopefully inspires others. When women that follow Alice Kass on Instagram reach out saying they appreciate the message and that it’s inspired them and made them feel empowered and comfortable expressing themselves, I know why I’m doing what I do. Also, that I can live by my own rules is just awesome.


We are currently working on our very own lingerie and swim line as well as resort wear! After curating other brands for almost 4 years now and developing a strong aesthetic, we decided it was time to design and produce our very own collection to express our vision and create what we see is still missing in the industry. We already did a soft launch for swim and the response has been INSANE!! It's all about super sexy, wearable and flattering cuts in breathable, luxe fabrics that make a woman feel confident and badass. The resort wear is flowy and sheer and is meant to be worn over the lingerie and swim, creating a beautiful balance between the edgy and the soft.

Otherwise, we started taking private appointments which has been an amazing way to connect one on one with the women that the Alice Kass brand and lifestyle resonates with. 

S H O P   T H E   L O O K S