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M O N T R E A L ' S   ' I T   G I R L '   D A R L I N G

To celebrate the rise and still dominant millennial pink, we asked Montreal darling, Joelle Paquette, to try out our favourite party duo: the Constellation bra and the Pyramid Clutch.  Two very bold pieces that seem to be the perfect fit for this blogger/stylist/model/journalist (i.e. multitalented au boot, she’s even interviewed Princess Meghan Markle!). 

We spend the day with Joelle, and talented photographer Jenny Weitzman, exploring this ‘It Girl’s favourite Plateau hot spots.  

O N   P E R S O N A L   S T Y L E 
I’ve always had trouble defining my style — it’s too emotional to be put into a box. Sometimes, I feel like wearing a crocheted dress very Jane Birkin-esque with block-heeled sandals and other times, I just want to wear loose jeans, a hoodie, sneakers and call it a day. One thing that remains constant is the mix of feminine and masculine. If I wear something XL, then I’ll wear heels or a super bright lipstick and vice versa. 
O N   W H A T   M A K E S   M O N T R E A L   S O   U N I Q U E 
Its community and creativity. Everything seems possible when you’re in Montreal. Montreal is still an affordable city with lots of room for experimentation. Unlike cities like New York or even Toronto, your entire income doesn’t have to go into your rent, which leaves people with more energy and time for exploration. 
H O W   S H E   G O T   S T A R T E D 
As life usually unfolds, I coincidentally bumped into a friend at a party who got me a part-time job at a fashion magazine. Slowly, my interest for fashion and writing got noticed and I started blogging for them and eventually had articles published. Since then, I’ve written hundreds of pieces that have appeared in over six printed magazines and newspapers, I’ve had weekly and monthly columns, I’ve traveled to Japan for work, I’ve interviewed super inspiring people, from fashion tech geniuses to Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, I’ve launched my blog and so many other things! And the most important part: I’m professionally extremely fulfilled and happy.  
My unconventional background has undeniably become a strength.  
Being a freelancer also comes with its load of surprises; one single email might change next week’s course or your entire career. You never know what kind of contract might be around the corner which, as much as it can be a bit nerve-racking, is also incredibly exciting! 

B E S T   A D V I C E   F O R   A S P I R I N G   C R E A T I V E S   I N   H E R   F I E L D 
Be flexible. Look around you, make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities just because they fall a bit outside of your perfectly laid-out plan, and anything that might feel like a failure is truly just a step forward. Make sure you work hard at what you love everyday and you will inevitably follow the right path. 


# B T S  / /  B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E S   W I T H   P H O T O G R A P H E R 

J E N N Y   W E I T Z M A N 

O N   H E R   B E S T   A D V I C E   F O R   A S P I R I N G   P H O T O G R A P H E R S 

Don’t mold yourself to fit into a box where you don’t belong. Choose your medium or style, stick to it, and preserve your artistic integrity. That may sound limiting, but I think it’s important.  

S H O P   T H E   L O O K S