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T H I S   I S   U S

We couldn’t wait to meet up with Danijo Otou and Steph Arthur! Founders of Female Department, they are also the brand behind some of the biggest, most authentic networking events in the city. They truly are business matchmakers, having introduced us to some of our favourite lady bosses from around the city. We invited the girls alongside talented photographer,  Monique Weston, to spend the day with us in the Old Port and showcase their favourite Philo bags.

O N   T H E I R   G O A L S   F O R   T H E   F U T U R E
We’re really working on building the FD brand and platform internationally. Their ultimate objective is to eventually have a space of our own, which would be a modern day private social club where dope women gather, and dope shit happens.
"Nothing inspires me more than having someone leaving one of our events with something – albeit a small insight, a new contact, or a business idea." - Danijo 

T H E I R   B E S T   A D V I C E   T O   E N T R E P R E N E U R S 
Stephanie “Don’t be afraid to ask. Use what you’ve got and sit in your confidence. It goes further than you realize.” 
Danijo “work on yourself as much as you work on your business because your business will only be as good as you are. Everything we put out into the world is a reflection of ourselves, and if you’re neglecting, doubting, and/or inhibiting your personal growth, you’re bound to do the same with your business.  Self first, always. Especially as women.” 

O N   T H E I R   I N D I V I D U A L   S U P E R P O W E R S
 “I think my super power is the ability to connect with people easily. I love meeting new people, I love sharing and opening up dialogues, and my degree in Human Relations only strengthened that inherent skill and taught me how to do so constructively.” - Danijo 
“My super power is that I don’t hold onto anything. I have no tolerance for what’s in the past – I only look forward. I don’t like to be angry or resentful or miserable, it’s just too much energy. So I deal, learn and move on. Its just so much easier.” - Stephanie 


O N   D E V E L O P P I N G   T H E I R   P E R S O N A L   S T Y L E 
Stephanie ”Sometimes I wish I was one of those girls who has frills and feathers in her wardrobe – but I just can’t be bothered. I’m a simple girl, my focus is always on what’s inside in my work, and I think my wardrobe reflects that. “ 
Danijo “My style, (much like myself, actually) has simplified over the years. Whereas I used to wear a lot of bold pieces and colours before, I now enjoy simple, timeless pieces with statement shoes or accessories.  
I started to really understand my style when I started to understand myself  - as a woman, mother, and business owner.” 

O N   M O N T R E A L   &   W H Y   I T ’ S   S O   L O V E D 
Stephanie “Everyone is here. All colours, all flavours and all mindsets, and we love it. We embrace it and play with it to create newness. That’s rare, and terribly exciting.” 
Danijo “Montreal is so great because of its diversity. Our city is what happens when you put people of different backgrounds, walks of life, and faith in the same room and have them (fearlessly) interact and create with one another. We are the product of an open-minds and hearts.   And there is nothing more attractive, inviting, and free than open minds and hearts.” 

S H O P   T H E   L O O K S