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What is Philo?

Philo is a contemporary line of leather handbags that offers key functional pieces befitting work and play. It is part of a multilayer project that stems from the concept of philanthropy; it is rooted in love, founded on solidarity, and designed for change.

Conceived as a brand with a purpose, Philo represents both a fashion and social statement - a tool not only to carry change, but to enact change. Philo’s core mission is to empower customers in their everyday, while supporting female entrepreneurship. A portion of proceeds goes toward providing business loans to intrepid women who wouldn’t otherwise have access to funds. Upon repayment, each loan gets reinvested into another proactive recipient, creating a cycle of giving and growing.To learn more about Philo, please visit our about page. For more information on our give back program, check out our The Philo Project page

Where is Philo based?

Philo was established in Montreal, Canada in 2015. Despite an international presence, we are proudly Canadian! To learn more about Philo, please see our about page.

Where are Philo bags made?

We design all our collections in Montreal, Canada and currently produce our bags in China.Philo maintains a strong commitment to safety and sustainability, and we ensure that all our production facilities meet or exceed international compliance regulations regarding health, safety, wages, and environmental criteria.

How much do you donate to charities?

We are proud to donate 10% of our net profits toward organizations that help support our mission. Moreover, Philo supports many local charities through gifting and donations, in addition to our 10% contribution.To learn more about our give back initiatives, please visit our Philo Project page.

Where can I purchase a Philo bag?

You can purchase a Philo bag right here on our website, or through one of our international stockists! To find the store nearest you, please visit our stockists page, or contact us at For wholesale inquiries, please contact

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! In fact, Philo ships virtually worldwide! If you're unsure about whether we ship to your location, please contact us for more information.For more information on shipping, please visit the shipping information page.